Lighthouse Learning Trust

Our Purpose

The Lighthouse Learning Trust (the “Trust”) exists to deliver high quality education and training which creates ambition for all and promotes social mobility in its members’ communities.

The Lighthouse Learning Trust will play a full part in the ‘self-improving’ school and college sector through partnership with other appropriate institutions and/or through judicious expansion.

Our Founding Principles

Teaching and Learning

The pursuit of high quality teaching is the first priority of the Trust. By ensuring high standards and achievement, and good progression, we will improve the lives and life chances of our students.

Value for money

The Trust must bring benefit to students. Management structures should be efficient and effective, ensuring that resources for teaching and learning are maximized.


The Trust's colleges and schools welcome all learners from the communities they serve. They adopt a ‘growth mind-set’ attitude and seek improved outcomes through the quality of provision and curriculum and not through selection or exclusion.


The Trust will provide students and staff with a safe environment based on respect for all and free from prejudice and intimidation.


We are accountable to our communities who fund our activity and, rightly, expect excellence and professionalism in all that we do.


The Trust's colleges and schools and their staff are on a journey of self-improvement. This requires honesty, a self-critical culture, evidence based analysis and a rejection of arrogance.


Helping people progress through education is a privilege. We celebrate our successes, our students’ successes and those of our partner institutions.