Strategic Plan

Our Context and Our Ambition

Education is a fast evolving sector, supporting students who will leave us to go out into a dynamic and evolving world.

The need for us to embrace this change has never been greater. In response to the challenges posed by Brexit and the pandemic, the Government has put Further Education at the heart of the country’s response.

The call to build a “skills based economy” are loud and clear. As a result, we need to not only listen and react to what our local community and economy needs, but we need to help shape and define our role in building and strengthening the region’s workforce. This is going to take rationalisation and reform.

This is, however, more than just skills – it is about helping to shape character and nurture aspiration.

Our Strategic Ambitions

What we do is not just about words, it is about creating a framework that enables and empowers our community to deliver on our strategic ambition.

A1 Be an outstanding post-16 provider in the region

A2 Be an outstanding pre-16 education collaboration with excellent governance, services and support

A3 Deliver excellent outcomes and progression with the highest quality student experience

A4 Partner with ambitious education institutions, businesses and organisations to offer growth and opportunity for all

A5 Have good financial health enabling investment in our staff, environment and community

A6 Champion sustainability, understand our impact globally and work with stakeholders to have a long-term impact

Key Aims

1. Create a support system that meets the needs of all potential and current students and apprentices to ensure excellent outcomes and progression (A1, A2)

2. Innovate our curriculum with industry engagement, technological transformation and pedagogies that focus on active and collaborative learning to meet industry and skills gaps (A1, A2, A3, A4)

3. Set up as an Apprenticeship provider with steady growth culminating in a minimum of 500 Apprentices (A1, A4, A5)

4. Respond to local requirements for SEND provision, growing the Trust in a considered and measured way (A1, A2, A3, A4)

5. Support our staff to become a community of teaching and learning professionals, conversant with industry and positively contributing to the education sector (A3, A4, A5)

6. Be a beacon of outstanding and innovative governance (All)

7. Pioneer an industry stakeholder framework that puts local and regional employers at the heart of our course-design, course-delivery, and destinations (A1, A2, A3, A4, A6)

8. Increase the number of colleges and/or schools operating as part of the Lighthouse Learning Trust to at least six (A2, A4)

9. Develop a green, sustainable estate with inspiring physical and virtual learning environments (A5, A6)

10. Be a respected Trust with a values based culture to create a collaborative movement for the benefit of education (A1, A2)



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